Guatemala Coffee Tour

La Antigua Guatemala

Adora Tours offers a Guatemala coffee tour to a coffee finca near Antigua, where you can learn about the planting of the coffee trees, the harvest and the subsequent processing to the end product.

Coffee has been an important part of the Guatemalan economy and one of the main export products for over one hundred years. Guatemala is said to have one of the best coffee qualities in the world. The elevation in combination with geographical influences like the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean and the volcanoes create 300 different micro climates spread out over the country and each micro climate contributes to the distinct flavor of the coffee grown in this specific region.

After the tour you get a chance to try a delicious cup of Guatemalan coffee.

coffee tour Antigua Guatemala

We can offer this tour as a private tour with private guide or we can arrange tickets for a group tour. Transportation to and from the finca is included.

The shared tour costs $20 and has daily departures.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the tour and prices.


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