Coffee and chocolate day tour

In this full day tour you combine a tour of a local coffee finca with a chocolate making workshop. You will visit a coffee farm located at the foot of the Agua volcano. You will get a real insight in the lives of the local coffee farmers and have a traditional lunch at his house. And in the afternoon you will learn all about chocolate and join a fun chocolate making workshop.

About the tour


You will start with a  ride in a chicken bus! Our representative will pick you up from your hotel and together you will walk to the bus station and board a bus to village south of Antigua. At the town square you will meet the farmer and interpreter.

The tour starts with a 20 minute walk through fields to the coffee farmers land. On the way you can delight in beautiful views of the surrounding area. You will learn about coffee production, from planting to harvesting.

After visiting the plantation you will go to the coffee farmers house where you learn everything about the traditional way of processing the coffee bean to finish with a delicious cup of coffee. Afterwards you will join the farmer in local lunch. The return trip to Antigua will also be in local bus.

In the afternoon you join a chocolate making workshop. Apart from learning all about the cacao trade in Guatemala you will also make your own chocolates. And yes you can take home the delicious chocolates you made.

The tour starts at 8 am. The coffee tour and lunch take about 4 hours. The chocolate tour takes about 2 hours.

$ 80

Per person price based on two people traveling. Price can change depending group size.
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Coffee and chocolate day tour

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