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Tikal and Yaxha tour from Antigua

This 2-days private Tikal and Yaxha tour will take you to the two of the most important sites in Mayan archeology. Yaxha is less known then Tikal, but equally impressive and well cared for. Here you have the advantage that it is much less visited, you can walk leisurely in the jungle with a lot of wildlife, climb the temples and enjoy the landscape. Tikal is set in a gorgeous jungle teeming with wildlife such as monkeys and toucans. A magnificent place with hundreds of structures and impressive pyramids.

Walking tour Antigua Guatemala | local lunch

During this walking tour, you will visit many of the highlights of this beautiful city. You will explore Antigua on foot with a private bilingual guide. In addition you can have lunch with a local family at the end of the walking tour!

Pacaya volcano

Pacaya volcano group tour

Guatemala has many volcanoes you can climb, but because of its proximity to Antigua, safety and accessibility the Pacaya volcano is the most popular to hike.

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