Monterrico and the Pacific Coast

The pacific Coast

The pacific coast line of Guatemala is about 240 kilometers long (twice as long as the Atlantic coast of Guatemala) and has some nice beaches and beach towns like Champerico, Sipacate, Las Lisas and Monterrico. On the weekends the beach towns are overrun with Guatemalans who want to escape the city and spend a weekend on the beach, but on weekdays the towns are very quiet.


Monterrico is the nicest beach town on the pacific coast, the beach has dark grey volcanic sand and the town has a very laid back atmosphere. At dusk you can see stunning sunset views over the pacific ocean and the beaches are perfect for relaxing. Just be careful when you go swimming in the ocean becauseĀ  there is a very strong undercurrent and the beaches have no life guards. Luckily most hotels in Monterrico and other beach towns have swimming pools. There is also a Spanish school in Monterrico where you can learn Spanish in the morning and relax at the beach in the afternoons.

The area surrounding Monterrico is made of swamps and mangroves, the home of fish, marine turtles, birds and other wildlife. There are two protected areas: The Monterrico Natural Reserve and the Hawaii National Park. The mangroves are the nesting ground for more than a hundred species of bird and three species of marine turtles nesting in the black sand. The marine turtles are an endangered species and a rescue program in the area has been set up to try and help their survival.


El Paradon beach

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